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Everyone who visits this site will have their own unique needs.  Whether it be backyard or front yard landscape ideas, a simple cleanup of your garden or a full design to installation the services we offer are shown below:

• Thinning, corrective and ornamental pruning

• Pruning for fruit production

• Transplanting and re-positioning existing perennials, shrubs and trees

• Weeding of trouble areas

• Seasonal maintenance (Pruning, cleanup, etc)

• Mulching garden areas (Compost mulch or rock)

• Raised vegetable planters (Wood, concrete, galvanized steel, natural stone)

• Pathways and patios (Natural stone or concrete pavers)
• Retaining walls (Wood, concrete block or natural stone)
Woodwork (Arbors, trellises, pergolas or other wooden elements)
• Lawn renovation and/or rejuvenation
• Irrigation installation, winterization, retrofits and audits
• Landscape lighting

• Water features
• Drainage solutions.

Landscape Design to Installation

For those that require more we can provide a full Landscape Design drawn to scale showing all new and retained elements.  The fee varies and is solely based on time spent whether it be during measure-up, drawing, research or consultation.  Once a sense of overall project scope is known a cost range for the design can be provided.  We ask for an initial deposit with the remaining due at completion of the design.

Design Process:

It begins with a 1-2hr consultation to explore the client’s desires, likes, dislikes and trouble areas.  Following that, a site measure-up along with photo record is completed to create a scaled site drawing which is the framework for the Conceptual Design.  While creating the Conceptual Design all aspects of the site are taken into consideration such as:

• Sun movement
• Type of soil present
• Flow of water
• Garden style
• Intended use of the space
• Types of plants (Size and shape)
• Areas designated for patios, walkways, garden, lawn, etc.

Once the client is pleased with the overall flow and function of the conceptual design a more detailed Planting Plan is created:

• Plants are chosen based on color preference, maintenance level and availability
• Sizes, shapes and
proportions are fine tuned
• Hardscape materials chosen based on color, style and budget
• All relevant details are accounted for during this stage.

Once the design is paid in full, an estimate can be generated based on the design.

What we do not offer:

• We do not provide a quote on the spot as no two projects are ever the same.  The work we do is quite varied in addition to every site having it's own set of qualities, challenges and access.

• We do not "Wave the Design Fee" as part of a project.

• We will not design or install anything that is considered to be tacky.

Areas of Service

We provide our services to Nanton, Okotoks, High River, Claresholm and surrounding areas.

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